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Windows 2008R2 DNS on domain, 2nd DNS doesn't take over (?)


I have a domain with 2 DNS servers. I rebooted 1 of both, but meanwhile, the 2nd doesn't take over (?).

When I do a nslookup, it just timesout on default dns while there is a second one, which it just doesn't query(?)

Note: dns settings of dns servers theirselves is as default, then the ip address of the second one as secondary. That's right ... right?
But however, it shouldn't matter in this case.

Why my second dns isn't queried ...?

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Do your clients point to both DCs?
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Do you have both DNS servers listed in your DHCP config?  If not, the clients won't know to look for the second one.
Make sure your clients point to both of them (the Internal DNS servers) and not to another outside DNS server.
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With all do respect, I didn't see an update which is worth answering ....
Meaning you've already checked these things or have no idea what we are talking about?  

If you do an ipconfig -all from a client, does it list one or both DNS servers?  If it is only listing one, then you might only have one DNS server being pushed out by your DHCP server.  It doesn't matter if your DNS servers point to each other if your clients are only looking at your primary.
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You mentioned that nslookup doesn't query the second server.  This is normal behavior.  Nslookup only queries one server - the preferred server.  If you want it to use the alternate server (or a completely different one), you have to explicitly tell it to do so.  In interactive mode, use the server <address> command to do so.  In non-interactive mode, run nslookup <host> <server> to specify <server> as the one to use to look up the record for <host>.
Ok, but how can I test redundancy. My default DNS is down and my clients don't resolve DNS, how to check they go for second & third DNS in line/config?
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That's where I was looking for!
Glad to help.