How to prevent Firefox from automatically upgrading me to version 12

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I am currently running an older version of Firefox (version 3.6.2).  I need to run this version because of some legacy software that I am using which is incompatible with newer versions of Firefox.  It is also incompatible with IE, Chrome, Safari, etc.  The only known browser that I can use is Firefox 3.6.2.

I have been running Firefox 3.6.2 for quite some time knowing that it was out of date and ignoring the popup messages warning me that my browser is out of date.  Today I received a message telling me that I would not receive any further warnings, and that I would be forced to upgrade to version 12 the next time.  

Is there any way I can prevent this from happening?  If I am forced to upgrade to version 12, I won't be able to use the other legacy software anymore.  The legacy software can be upgraded, but I am running this in a corporate environment and upgrading software takes time.  I need to disable the Firefox upgrade at least for the time being so I can continue working while I try to upgrade the other software.
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I'm not sure if it's the same in 3.6.2 as it is in my version, but you can type in about:config into the address bar to get the advanced configuration page.  search for update and there is a value called app:update:auto that you can set to false.


Thank you, jleyse.  I have now done as you suggested, and hope it will work.  I am going to leave this question open a little longer to see if anyone else has any other input on this question.

Goto Tools, Menu
Options, Advance,
Update tab,
Uncheck Firefox

I stay on 3.6.28, that's what I'm doing.

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