Capture printer port in Windows 7 on a non-domain computer

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I have a need to print to a networked epson 680 from a dos program.
The computer that needs to print to the  printer is on a domain that is managed by another company.

We have a nat setup in our Sonicwall to give the printer an ip address on the third party domain.
We can print test pages, but when trying to print from the program that requires a printer port to be captured,  it doesn't work.

We have tried net use lpt1 \\computername\sharename
In the past with xp we would install the printer on our server and then use the net use command to capture the port.
In this case we have to install the printer on the other vendor's computer as standard tcip/ip port.

Is there a way to make this printer work from the dos program?
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Will this work from a computer that has the printer shared locally and not on a server?

Use one server (or another computer) as print server:
connect the server to the IP printer
share that printer on your domain (workgroup)
connect your workstation to the print server with net use command

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There are at least 3 Epson printers with '680' in the name.  But that probably doesn't matter.  When you setup 'net use lpt1 \\computername\sharename ' you are actually connecting to the Windows printer driver.  In all the other questions like this, all you can print from 'DOS' is ASCII text.  Printer commands don't make it thru or in some cases are simply printed as characters.  Since it is not really being printed to a 'DOS' port, a 'DOS' printer capture doesn't work.
First (!!!), you need to say if it is Win7 x64 which makes a world of difference.
Second, the printer MUST be MS-Dos (or your program) compatable.  To check, share the printer on the host, enter the NET USE LPT1: \\..... in a CMD prompt on the host, then type DIR > LPT1:<enter> and ECHO <CTRL-L> > LPT1:<enter>.  If the printer prints a directory listing, you should be OK excepting the x64 issues.  If it doesn't; the odds are the printer is incompatable.

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