I cannot access my sql database.

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New to a company with a lot of skeletons. Seems previous administration was poor at documentation. Actually i think they purposely failed to document things because of fear of loosing their jobs. lol

Here is the situation. We have a particular website hosting a database that has table with millions of lines in it. The data lives on a sql 2000 database and no one in the company has the SA password. We have talked to nearly everyone who has ever touched the database on this particular server and have had no luck at all.

The reason for needing the SA password is because we are trying to export the data to a newer more up to date sql server. We can do this via the command line in the sql 2000 but only with the sa account credentials.  

Please help me extract my valued data. I am positive their is a way to get the SA account password because i spend most of my day trying to prevent these kinds of things from attacking my sa accounts in the firewall.


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Usually an administrator account (local SAM or active directory) can also access via SQL Management Studio.  You can then reset the SA password (if still needed).


Thank you for your post.

We are not trying to reset the password for fear that it will break a cash cow money making site that is still working.

What we are trying to do is gain access to the current password so we can then export the data and move it to a more stable environment.


Also this server is not on a domain. Old old old windows 2k server hence why it is so important to upgrade it.
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Have you tried accessing it using the local administrator account?  You can then create an SA-equivalent login (with the same level of permissions).
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each member of the sysamin role in SQL server should be able to access the database and the tables to export the data.
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Instead of the above points try as below...

Take a backup of the DB and restore to a version (like 2005), once restoration id done u can go ahead as per ur requests...

The above helps if the DB is small in size

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