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what is unsafe and safe cast in C# with an example does safe casts avoid exceptions

what is  unsafe  and  safe cast  in C# with an example does safe casts avoid exceptions
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the point of your question isn't apparent to me but if you want to know the type of the object b/f you cast it you can use...

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I'm not sure what you mean by 'safe cast', but C# provides two ways of casting. One that throws an exception if the object is of the wrong type and another one that simply returns null.

object test = "this is a test";

StringBuilder sb1 = test as StringBuilder; // null is assigned to 'sb1', because 'test' is not of type StringBuilder
StringBuilder sb2 = (StringBuilder) test; // throws InvalidCastException

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A bit too late to respond, wdosanjos was a bit earlier, but here is another example:

if (obj is MyCustomClass)
     MyCustomClass mcc = (MyCustomClass)obj;

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