domain admin cannot take ownership of a win2k8 folder.

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I have a folder in a win2k8 server which cannot be deleted.  I login to the server as an domain admin, go to the folder propertie, security and see "To continue, you must be an administrative user with permission to view the object's security properties.  Do you want to continue?"

When I press CONTINUE and select the domain admin, I am seeing message "unable to set new owner on the folder.  Access is denied".

Please advise if you have some idea.

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Have you tried chkdsk to see if you have file system corruption?
Do you see the Domain Admins as a member of the local Administrator group?

net localgroup Administrators

If not, execute this command:

net localgroup Administrators "Domain Admins" /add
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Check to make sure there are no explicit Deny entries in the ACL of the folder. If there are, remove them.
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the domain admin is a member of the local admin group.

The domain admin cannot do anything in NTFS security tag.
Have you tried taking ownership?
the folder might have an invalid name, I would open and elevated command prompt on the server, go to the folder that hosts the folder that you want to delete, do a dir /X and try to delete the 8.3 format name, of you are still unable to delete it, change into the directory using the 8.3 format name and run dir /x again to see if there any files that are not showing to explorer that are unable to be deleted and try to delete them using their 8.3 format name
I had similiar issue with accessing and taking ownership on fileserver W2k8. In the end I used command line utility
"Takeown"   >>

Run command line as Administrator and I used syntax like this :
Takeown /a /r /d Y /f F:\personal\temp
After a second or less I was able to remove it.

Anyway in your case could be issue on another level. Maybe is your Folder marked as system folder or hidden or etc..  
Try to run "attrib" in command line  >> Is able to change attributes on Folders and files.

you can check status :
show actual staus>>  
attrib F:\personal\temp

set new configuration >> (clear the System file attribute/ clearthe Read-only file attribute/clear the Hidden file attribute )
attrib F:\personal\temp -s -r -h

have a fun


Thanks everyone.

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