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Hi.  I'm new to VLAN networking.  I have an HP v1910-16g switch.  I have set up the device so that I can access the web management console.  

I'm looking to create a single VLAN which can communicate with my main network.  I'd like the VLAN subnet to be 10.10.10.x and it be able to communicate with subnet 192.168.5.x of the main network.

I know this is a very basic question, but how do I go about assigning the IP range to the VLAN and having it pass traffic to the gateway of the main network?  I've looked through the HP documentation but I don't see how to define the network least not in a way that I can understand it.

Can someone with experience with these switches advise?
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Commented: Page 293 in the manual will cover the routing configuration
I do not own this particular switch. In the following I am refering to manual:
In short: untag ports; manual IPv4 addresses to vlans; IP routing with default gateway; route back:
Asign uplink port and other ports of 'main network' Untagged with vlanID 1 fx. (page 157)
Asign rest of ports Untagged with vlanID 2 fx.

If netmask of 'main network'  is and IP is unused, then you could Asign Manual IPv4 address mask to VlanID 1 (page 173)
now Asign Manual IPv4 address mask to VlanID 2

Default route (aka default gateway) should be added (293..)
so if 'main network' -router is at, then you should have:
On route back to should be made known:
IP route mask gateway

Clients should have vlan as
fx: IP= netmask=

That switch can have multiple VLANS, but it is only a L2 switch, it is not able to route between VLANs, you would need a router or L3 switch to route between the VLANS
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@ArneLovius: no, the V1910 is a "light L3" switch, capable of routing connected and static. Some HP documents have errors on this.

@mrherndon: the previous posters have great answers. One addition: if you want to access the internet from your new vlan, you'll have to config NAT and a static route on your firewall/router.


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