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birt version error in myeclipse

Hi I developed a report viewer using BIRT a few months ago and didnt update that module after that  but now i am getting verision error
i wish to know
How to upgrade the birt version in myeclipse using Struts and J2EE Tech .
i am attaching a screenshot of the problem
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Sharon Seth
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The bitmap does not show the stack trace
There may be multiple cause for the problem
1. Eclipse Version which is dependent on your BIRT designer version .
2. The is a version mismatch of the birt designer, that you used previously to code the files and to the current version that is installed.
3. Birt runtime version that you are using could have changed.

Please provide more details on your setup.
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MyEclipse Blue Edition

Version: 6.5.1 Blue GA
Build id: 6.5.1-Blue-GA-20080715

This is  an Birt version just check it out :

org.eclipse.birt (2.2.0.v20070531) "Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools" [Resolved]
org.eclipse.birt.chart (2.2.0.v20070531) "BIRT Chart Framework" [Resolved]
org.eclipse.birt.chart.cshelp (2.2.0.v20070625) "BIRT Chart Context-sensitive Help" [Starting]
org.eclipse.birt.chart.device.extension (2.2.0.v20070530) "BIRT Chart Device Extension(s)" [Starting]
org.eclipse.birt.chart.device.pdf (2.2.0.v20070530) "BIRT Chart Device PDF Extension" [Starting]
org.eclipse.birt.chart.device.svg (2.2.0.v20070613) "BIRT Chart Device SVG Extension" [Starting]
org.eclipse.birt.chart.device.swt (2.2.0.v20070530) "BIRT Chart Device SWT Extension" [Starting]
org.eclipse.birt.chart.engine (2.2.0.v20070621) "BIRT Chart Engine" [Starting]
org.eclipse.birt.chart.engine.extension (2.2.0.v20070622) "BIRT Chart Engine Extension" [Starting]
org.eclipse.birt.chart.reportitem (2.2.0.v20070531) "BIRT Chart-Report Integration" [Active]
org.eclipse.birt.chart.reportitem.ui (2.2.0.v20070608) "BIRT Chart-Report UI Integration Plug-in" [Starting]
org.eclipse.birt.chart.runtime (2.2.0.v20070531) "BIRT Chart Runtime" [Resolved]
org.eclipse.birt.chart.ui (2.2.0.v20070607) "BIRT Chart Library UI Plug-in" [Starting]
org.eclipse.birt.chart.ui.extension (2.2.0.v20070621) "BIRT Chart UI Extension" [Starting]
org.eclipse.birt.core (2.2.0.zmyeclipse650200806) "BIRT Core Package" [Active]
org.eclipse.birt.core.ui (2.2.0.v20070613) "BIRT Core UI" [Starting]
org.eclipse.birt.cshelp (2.2.0.zmyeclipse650200806) "BIRT Context-sensitive Help" [Starting] (2.2.0.v200706221) "BIRT Data Engine" [Starting]
org.eclipse.birt.doc (2.2.0.zmyeclipse650200806) "BIRT Documentation" [Starting]
org.eclipse.birt.integration.wtp.ui (2.2.0.zmyeclipse650200806) "BIRT WTP Integration Plug-in" [Active] (2.2.0.v20070622) "BIRT Data Adapter" [Starting] (2.2.0.zmyeclipse650200806) "BIRT ODA-JDBC Bridge Driver" [Starting] (2.2.0.v20070622) "BIRT JDBC UI Plug-in" [Starting] (2.2.0.v20070607) "BIRT ODA-XML Driver" [Starting] (2.2.0.v20070607) "BIRT ODA XML Designer" [Starting] (2.2.0.v20070615) "BIRT debug Plug-in" [Active] (2.2.0.v20070531) "BIRT Report Designer" [Resolved] (2.2.0.zmyeclipse650200806) "BIRT Designer Core" [Active] (2.2.0.zmyeclipse650200806) "BIRT Designer UI" [Active] (2.2.0.v20070620) "BIRT Cube Builder Plug-in" [Starting] (2.2.0.v20070607) "BIRT Advanced XML Editor Plug-in" [Starting] (2.2.0.zmyeclipse650200806) "BIRT MultipageEditor Extension Point Plug-in" [Starting] (2.2.0.v20070620) "BIRT Editors Plug-in" [Starting] (2.2.0.zmyeclipse650200806) "BIRT Designer UI for IDE" [Starting] (2.2.0.v20070614) "BIRT Designer UI for Library" [Starting] (2.2.0.zmyeclipse650200806) "BIRT Library Explorer Plug-in" [Starting] (2.2.0.zmyeclipse650200806) "BIRT Preview Plug-in" [Active] (2.2.0.v20070618) "BIRT UI Views Plug-in" [Starting] (2.2.0.v20070621) "BIRT Engine" [Active] (2.2.0.v20070620) "BIRT HTML Emitter" [Starting] (2.2.0.v20070530) "BIRT PDF emitter" [Starting] (2.2.0.v20070530) "BIRT POSTSCRIPT emitter" [Resolved] (2.2.0.v20070607) "BIRT PPT emitter" [Starting] (2.2.0.v20070621) "BIRT Excel emitter" [Starting] (2.2.0.v20070620) "BIRT Word emitter" [Starting] (2.2.0.v20070530) "BIRT Engine fonts" [Resolved] (2.2.0.v20070622) "BIRT Crosstab Plug-in" [Resolved] (2.2.0.v20070622) "BIRT Crosstab UI Plug-in" [Active] (2.2.0.v20070619) "BIRT Model" [Active] (2.2.0.v20070530) "BIRT Model ODA Adapter" [Starting] (2.2.0.v20070531) "BIRT Report Runtime" [Resolved] (2.2.0.v20070620) "BIRT Web Viewer" [Active]
org.eclipse.birt.resources (2.2.0.zmyeclipse650200806) "BIRT Resources Plug-in" [Resolved]
I guess Myclipse blue doesn't support BIRT 2.2. Please check the version compatability. Birt2.2 is  supported by older version of eclipse i guess.
so how should i update the viewer version?
please guide
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