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Given those two programming languages (enviroments). What would the main differences be ?
If i have code in ASP VB can I copy/paste it to an VB page and will it work or are there differences in the scripting language ?
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If you copy classic asp code into vb, it will not work.

There are syntatical similarities but the engines are different.

The two languages are very similar, just what I call syntactic sugar differences.

Some people find the transition from ASP to very daunting. Others transition more smoothly.

ASP.NET is the next generation of ASP (Active Server Pages) which was introduced in January 2002 by Microsoft.

Since the release of ASP.NET, ASP has been referred to as 'Classic ASP'.

It uses vb script for server side coding, where ASP.NET support more languages which is where VB.NET comes in.

VB Script is a simple scripting language, where as VB.NET is a modern, very powerful object oriented programming language.

For what it is worth, it is widely used by lots of corporations.


Thanks. I guess I will have to re-learn. Now .. if I have some code in classic ASP and I was to ask for help would it be rather straight forward have someone here who knows both classic and .net to help out re-do a piece of code ?
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The biggest challenge classic asp coders have when transitioning to is the fact that is object oriented programming language.

Understand that part and you are more than half way through to becoming efficient.

I made that transition but there are still lots to learn.

So, yes, if you have classic asp code that is not awfully complicated, you are going to get help with at least bits and pieces of it that you can put together to get what you are after.

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