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DNS Configuration

I have internal Active Directory DNS which is forwarding to our ISP DNS. I need to add DNS entry for "" to IP of 192.168.1.x, but allow all others to be able to be able to resolve to external DNS. When adding  host record in my DNS, I had to also create a new zone with the name "" which included the A host record of The internal stuff still works, but all external resolution broke because now asking internal DNS which is now not forwarding.
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Why not add a conditional forwarder for

You can find their names server with the following command:

set type=ns
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Why did you create in your DNS? Why not only
Create the zone. After the zone is created, add the A record, leave the hostname field  empty and only fill in the IP address.
Don't forget to flush your DNS afterwards. Ipconfig /flusdns from an elevated command prompt.
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