OUTLOOK 2010 Email not showing up in the pane but shows that there is Email in the inbox

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Currently running Exchange 2010 and outlook 2010. I have a user on XP that is not able to see his new email in the read pane even thou it says he has new email. After he sends out an email, it drops into the read pane and he is able to read new mail. I have tried doing a outlook /cleanviews, Verified Acct Settings (default), Reset outlook view, Did the steps for starting outlook in the safe Mode, Deleted outlook profile and removed/installed outlook 2010. Still having issues with the User email.
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Does he have any filters setup?
Kash2nd Line Engineer
more like an outlook client issue.

-- check for updates.
-- run detect and repair on outlook and see if that helps.
-- if all else fails, create a new user profile and log in and configure outlook to see if that makes any difference which it should.
-- if its a domain environment then log as admin, delete the profile off and log back in and reconfigure outlook.
-- if that don't work, unjoin off the domain and rejoin to see if that helps.

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