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I have a HP Compaq dx2300 Microtower PC that whenever a monitor is plugged in, it makes a flickering wave going across the screen. We switched out the monitor and plugs and it still makes a wave. I re-installed the graphics drivers. What other steps can I do to troubleshoot?
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I sounds like your graphic card may be bad. If your graphic card is built-in, I would disable it and add a regular graphic card inside your PC and see the problem stops.
Try another video card
Though becoming increasingly uncommon, if you're using a CRT monitor (vs. LCD), you might be getting some electromagnetic interference.  Any new hardware added in the immediate area recently (e.g., wireless phone base station).  (If not using CRT - disregard)
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Kash2nd Line Engineer
looks to me that it has a built in GFX card >>

but good news is it has express card slots so all you want to do is disable built in and get some other which will solve your issue.

something like this >>

will work
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>>  that whenever a monitor is plugged in, it makes a flickering wave going across the screen.   <<   are you plugging screens with the system running?
it is not recommended to do so (but i do it also, and never had problems),  but it can be a kind of resyncing you see
are both monitors the same ?  try with different brand
also, try relocating the monitor - or pc  - to see if it depends on the environment
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A flickering wave on a screen may be a sign of improper grounding - try using a 3-into-2 prong adapter to eliminate the ground on the monitor or computer, or try a different outlet.
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can you plse post the cause, or the fix?

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