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I have noticed that many .js files on the web have copyright symbol with the name of the author.
Is it enough to place a double-bracketed note in them to estabilish that they cannot be copied or what else?
Also, is there a software which compresses them eliminating spaces, etc. and reduces their dimensions?
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as for ® or the (c), that is just preference

the sooner you get it indexed by search engines, the sooner copywriting will go into affect since your js file will be fthe first indexed before any copies are.

im sure a simple letter will not stop others from copying it though, but if you get microsoft or google to steal it, you can make some bucks on the lawsuit

hope this helps



Then, it's enough to type on 1st line something like:
//© Copyright Sar1973
I've also noticed that the .js file appears already condensed (without spaces and carriage returns) in the Frontpage text preview, so with the software above I gain little space in KB; probably the worst problem is compressing the HTMLm which is about 140 KB.
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" for ® or the (c), that is just preference..."
Not really.  A registered trademark and a copyright are two different things and need to be designated appropriately.

"Then, it's enough to type on 1st line something like:
//© Copyright Sar1973
Yes.  Then enforce any violations you become aware of.


I thought it was necessary to deposit the object to some authority archive and pay some lump sum. Thanx.

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