What is an excellent SQL reference for AS400 DB2?  EZ for DB2 Pro

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I am creating stored procedures and queries on an AS400 DB2 system to interface on the as400 connector to SSRS and need a very good reference docuement for writing SQL.
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You can download the following IBM redbook:


It's be a great start with many good examples.

lcohanDatabase Analyst

If you are writing the code in AS400 as mentioned please provide what language of choice you want it into. If you use RPG then below is a good reference:


For SQL:
It looks like there might be two parts to your question. First is about creating procs and queries on the AS/400. But it continues with a reference to "the as400 connector to SSRS" and a more generic "for writing SQL."

Are you asking specifically about writing SQL that will run on the AS/400? Or are you needing info about SQL on some other platform that will connect across your network to the procs on your AS/400?

The previous comments are very good. But if you need info about SQL on the AS/400, you will want links for the AS/400 SQL references for the OS version that's on your AS/400.

What OS version/release is installed?



I have the connector - 0le DB for DB2 - from Microsoft.
I need a stored procedure to run from the AS400 DB2 environment to MS SSRS in Visual Studio.
What I have is working for data, however, when I add parameters the parameters get created on the MS side in SSRS but then the columns and data are lost.

So if you know how to fix this or you can provide a comprehensive guide to address these issues between the two differing environments will get you the points.

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