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I have a situation where if I bring down a Linux server, my Windows client loses connectivity to it after the Linux server is rebooted.  The Linux server can ping the Windows box, but Windows can not ping Linux server.

I tried flushing the routing table.  This worked, but since I was on a remote Desktop I also lose connectivity to the Windows client I was on.  I tried several fixes, but nothing worked without another issue

Finally, when I rebooted the Linux server, I simply log out and back in again to the Windows client (in this case a WIndows 2008 server).  This works perfectly, and I can communicate with the Linux server after the log out and log in

My question(s) are:

1> What actually happens to the routing table during the log out and log back in again that would allow me to 'see' the Linux server again.

2> Is there a way to duplicate that without logging out ?
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Run ipconfig /all on the windows platform
ifconfig -a on the Linux platform
And netstat -rn an both.
arp -a to see whether the issue is with a Mac address switch for the ip that the Linux box gets.

What is the relationship between the windows and The Linux server? What services does one provide to the other?

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