Exchange 2003 Removal at remote sites during Exchange 2010 migration.

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Hello, we have three sites that contain exchange 2003 and exchange 2010 servers.  Site 1 contains the bulk of the users and the server that was the first exchange 2003 server as well as the first exchange 2010 server.  Site 2 and site 3 were all created after site one both for Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2010.  At site 2 and site 3, all of the users have been migrated to Exchange 2010 and have been working great.  All internet email and public folder comes from site 1.  That said, because these are not the first exchange servers, is there anything specific that needs to be done to remove Exchange 2003 from the remotes sites?  Any roles that need to be transferred or can I just use add/remove to removed 2003 from those sites?

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As long as SMTP is not routing through them and they do not have any users on them then just perform an uninstall of Exchange 2003 on those servers and that will clean up their information from Active Directory and you are all done.  You'll have to transfer any public folder replicas and remove any storage groups before uninstalling.
As llarmeu mentioned, ensure you have full routing and all public folder replicas on your new 2010 servers. Also remove all existing mailbox DBs on your Exchange 2003 boxes.

I would NOT advise removing the old storage groups, this is not recommended.

I would also ensure you have first cleared all your previous move requests on your Exchange 2010 boxes, otherwise it will prompt you an error when the 2003 box is no longer there.

You also want to ensure that your new 2010 servers mailbox DBs are looking at the correct Offline Address Book (OABs) too, as I've answered numerous questions on EE relating to the same point which has been missed. Plus users will get send and receive errors too via Outlook, if this is not set correctly.

Best of luck!
Larry LarmeuPrincipal Consultant

Sorry, meant databases not storage groups.

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