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Access query Exports to Excel and Memo Field has HTML Codes - Why?

I have attached my code for review.

The problem I am experiencing is when the query is exported to an Excel Spreadsheet, the Memo field in the query contains weird characters mixed in the text, i.e.:

  <div><font face=Arial size=2>E&amp;C received a question from HR about

What is causing this, and how can it be avoided?

I am using MS Access and Excel 2007.

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<No Points wanted, as it seems that trbaze has answered your direct question here>

In Office 2007 and newer, you can format the data stored in the tables.
This formatting is called "Rich Text".
However, "Rich Text" in Office 2007 and newer is really HTML.

What you are getting looks like the HTML Tags:
<b> BoldText</b>
...will Produce:

FWIW, this is another reason why I am not a huge fan of storing "Formatted" data...
I only format in the final output.


You seem to be doing quite well as an Expert lately...

I see that you have been a member since 2007.
Why did you wait so long to started participating regularly as an expert?

In any event, welcome aboard!

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Mainly because I was a novice at access in 2007 and have greatly increased my skill since then.  Experts exchange has been such a great help to me and I felt it was time to give back and help where I can.  Unfortunaltley because of our harvest season, half of the year I have no time to monitor EE.

Sorry, I did not read your question correctly...

As for the "Why", it is because this formatting is "stored with" the data.

Again, this is why I don't use this feature often, I only format in the final output.

Again, trbase has posted a great looking solution, so I don't want any points for my "informational posts"


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