Convert sanetize function from VBScript to JavaScript

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This is an ASP function... how would this work in JavaScript keeping the same syntax as ASP?

function sanitize(strText)

      strText = REPLACE(strText,"'","''")
      strText = REPLACE(strText,"~","")
      strText = REPLACE(strText,"@","")
      strText = REPLACE(strText,"#","")
      strText = REPLACE(strText,"$","")
      strText = REPLACE(strText,"%","")
      strText = REPLACE(strText,"^","")
      strText = REPLACE(strText,"&","")
      strText = REPLACE(strText,"[","")
      strText = REPLACE(strText,"]","")
      strText = REPLACE(strText,"{","")
      strText = REPLACE(strText,"}","")
      strText = REPLACE(strText,"|","")
      strText = REPLACE(strText,"\","")
      strText = REPLACE(strText,"/","")
      strText = REPLACE(strText,"<","")
      strText = REPLACE(strText,">","")
      strText = REPLACE(strText,"EXEC","")
      sanitize = strText
end function
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something like:

stext = stext.replace('old', 'new');

function sanitize(strText)
      strText = strText.replace(strText, '');
      strText =  strText.replace(strText,'~');
      strText =  strText.replace(strText,'@');
      strText =  strText.replace(strText,'#');
      strText =  strText.replace(strText,'$');
      strText =  strText.replace(strText,'%');
      strText =  strText.replace(strText,'^');
      strText =  strText.replace(strText,'&');
      strText =  strText.replace(strText,'[');
      strText =  strText.replace(strText,']');
      strText =  strText.replace(strText,'{');
      strText =  strText.replace(strText,'}');
      strText =  strText.replace(strText,'|');
      strText =  strText.replace(strText,'\');
      strText =  strText.replace(strText,'/');
      strText =  strText.replace(strText,'<');
      strText =  strText.replace(strText,'>');
      strText =  strText.replace(strText,'EXEC');
end function 

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You can also use double quotes in places of single quotes.

One last example:


Replaces all s with '~'!

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