Access Opens with Ready-Only Access when opened via VBA

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   DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acImport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel12, _
    "TEMP", "C:\Users\userA\Desktop\" & iName, True


I have the above code in a VBA module inside Access.

I also have read/write access to the database (and its folder) that was opened prior to this code via the following code

    Dim Ac As Object
    Set Ac = CreateObject("Access.Application")

    Ac.Visible = False
    Ac.OpenCurrentDatabase ("\\Fileserver\Everyone\Engineering Database\Database\NM Probill Database\NM Probill Database.accdb")

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My problem is, 1/10 times, the database is opened as 'Read-Only' while no-one else is accessing it. This is creating problems for the appending query above.

How do I resolve this? How do I make it force open as 'read-write'?

Thanks for your time!
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try opening the db in exclusive mode, and set the .usercontrol to true

    Dim Ac As Object, strDb as string
strDb="\\Fileserver\Everyone\Engineering Database\Database\NM Probill Database\NM Probill Database.accdb"

    Set Ac = CreateObject("Access.Application")

    Ac.Visible = False
    Ac.OpenCurrentDatabase (strDb, True)


This could be caused by phantom hidden access sessions that can be created if you don't release your ac object variable, or if you don't ac.quit when you are done.


That worked! Thanks all!

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