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I am trying to give myself full access permissions to a group in Office 365. I can give myself full access permissions to user accounts one at a time but that is time consuming since I have thousands of users. So, I added all users to a group but the powershell command I am using does not like the group. What do I need to do so that I can give myself full access permissions to all users?

Here is an article explaining how to give full access to an individual, which works:

Basically, this is how I give full access to an admin for a user:

Add-MailboxPermission jjones@mycompany.onmicrosoft.com -User admin@mycompany.onmicrosoft.com -AccessRights FullAccess -InheritanceType All

How can I give the admin account full access to all accounts?

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Hi, try this
get-mailbox -ResultSize Unlimited | foreach {Add-MailboxPermission -Identity $_.Identity -User admin@mycompany.onmicrosoft.com -AccessRights FullAccess -InheritanceType All -whatif}

I added WhatIf param at the end
Run it first time with WhatIf to be sure is doing what you want and second time remove param and it will set permission.


Thanks. I will check this out later today, hopefully. I am swamped right now. Thank you for the response.

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