Copy and Paste Username and Password into RDP Session

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Is there any way using 1Password, or Keepass, or any other tricky little application to be able to copy a username and password and paste it into a Remoted Destkop Connection username and password field?  We typically use Visionapp in which we can save credentials, however there are others that use the typical RDP session.
I have hundreds of servers that depending on the issue others or myself will need to login to with our clients credentials which at the moment are saved in a sharepoint list.  I would like to either be able to copy and paste them from there, or put them in a password utility for the task.  Does anyone have any suggestions, or have you accomplished this?
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I would be surprised if you could paste a password into a password field; in fact I know you can't do it in an RDP session, but I've just tried it, to be sure...
There is also Remote Desktop Connection Manager. You can create RDP connections and store different credentials for each server or if you use the same credentials for multiple servers you can create groups and store the credentials at the top level of your group and have them inherit down to all you server connections. Best part is it's free from MS.


That was, unfortunately my thought as well.   I was just hoping that someone had figured aout a way to make this happen.
I also found a program called "Texter" that will allow you to save different credentials and will type themin the fields for you.  Thanks for all your input.
I will probably try out the Remote Desktop connection Manager.

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