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I have a client that has non-domain administrators unable to import CSV or XLS files into their contacts in Outlook while in their Terminal Server session. I am able to take the same files and import them, without fail, as the admin or as a member of the domain administrators group.

Until about 6 weeks ago users were able to import without any challenge. I suspect an update on the Exchange server; but do not know how to vet that information. The Terminal Server is running Server 2008 R2 with Outlook 2003. Exchange is 2007.

1. An error has occurred in the Microsoft Excel Translator while getting the contents of a file system.

The Microsoft Excel File <file location on terminal sever> hos no named ranges. Use MS Excel to name the range of data you want to import (click ok to dismiss).

2. A file error has occurred in the translator while trying to establish a filed map.
Unexpected error (53) occurred (click okay to dismiss)
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I dont think it will be an issue with Exchange, but permissions on the Terminal Server itself

When you got it working for yourself, did you do this on your local PC?
Or did you also try it in terminal server?

I Also think the issue may be more related to the Named Range or ODBC settings / setup on the terminal server



As administrator or a member of the administrators group, in Terminal Server is how we tested the import of the files into Outlook. The mechanics of how the file is imported have not changed. The user goes through the same process to import the contacts into Outlook as before, but this time getting the afore mentioned errors.

You are saying that the permissions have changed on the user so they can no longer import the files into Outlook?

Would a recent terminal server update (server 2008 R2) have made the change.
I was able to resolve my own issue.

The root cause was a corrupt user profile. Once I recreated the user's profiles, and re-configured the user's Outlook, they were able to import and map CSV files to their contacts list.


It was not quite as cut and dry as creating new user profiles on the TS. There was a GP issue that prohibited the creation of user profiles, so they were only getting Temp profiles when they logging back in.  The GP was pointing to one AD server that did to have the correct GP, so it would not run. The GP were not replicating between the primary and secondary AD servers. I had to clean out the registry of the user.bak registry entries on the terminal server, and then rename the user profiles on the Terminal and AD server that hosted the roaming profiles. Once I did all that, the profiles re-created on the TS and AD servers when the users logged on. I configured Outlook and moved over users file from the .olds I renamed. Only then was the user able to import and map the CSV file.

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