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Access Database name in query


Is there syntax that I can use in the design view of an access query that will return the database name of the active database?

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Since Access may have linked tables to several databases as well as access data without a connection, you may have to redefine your question

in a label you might be able to set the value to a database property to return the name of the Access File.
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For file name:
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DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Former Microsoft Access MVP)
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Forgot to mention that for the application title you would use:"AppTitle")

You can create a public function, then call it from the query.
Short answer: No.
Long answer: If, as suggested, you create a function to return the db path and name, yes. Which you could call in deign view, if you use (right click) Build, functions, [db name], [module name],[function name]
Short question: Why? (As suggested, too.) The DB knows itself as currentdb.
This actually works in A2003:

SELECT Table1.ID, [CurrentProject].[Name] AS db
FROM Table1;


SELECT Table1.ID, [CurrentProject].[FullName] AS db
FROM Table1;


SELECT Table1.ID, [CurrentProject].[Path] AS db
FROM Table1;

But I may not work in A2007/10

So, Short Answer is actually Yes :-)
Silly me, I used Works in 2007, too.  Point to Joe.
And finally:

SELECT Table1.ID, [CurrentDB].[Name] AS db
FROM Table1;

mx does not work in the Access 2007 I have
What do want to do?
Give an example.
Interesting Q given the outcome.  I agree with findings above - All OK in A2003 but doesn't work in A2010  (in a query ).  

As an added bonus (:-) neither of them work  if you save the query and then try to open a recordset based on the saved query.  This applies to both A2003 and A2010.
I suspected CurrentDB.Name would work in A2010 (7) ... because Microsoft did something that changed that, OR ... it was never supposed to work.  CurrentProject.WhatEver does work ... BUT, not sure I would put that in 'production' .. because it may not work in the future.

I would suggest what I posted at http:#a38009911 ... which is always going to work.

(But the short answer is ... still yes ... at the moment)
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I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

Solved problem
I thought it was DatabaseMX who provided the solution?