Cisco 3750e Catalyst Switch has a blinking green syst light

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We have a cluster of Cisco 3750e Catalyst switches.  Recently one of them has stopped functioning.  It now only displays a blinking green syst light and all of the ports are dead, as in no lights.  I do not have much experience with switches and configuring/troubleshooting them.  We have tried reloading the cluster and that did not resolve the issue.  We have also tried power cycling the switch and the status remained the same.

Any ideas what could cause this?  Is this switch dean?

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try plugging a console cable into the switch and rebooting it, through a terminal console program (i.e. Putty or Hyperterminal) you should be able to watch the switch boot up.

If you cant see the switch booting then it's not a good sign..
If you can see it boot, look for any errors, and go from there,...
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Try removing all network cables connected to ports. Then, reconnect stack cables and reboot switch. If the problems still exists. Do what bedind advised of checking the error in the console. Thanks.
aksealifeIS Manager


If we take the switch out of the stack and replace it with a new one will it pull the config from the stack or will re have to reload it?  Would we reload only that switch or would reloading the whole stack push the config to the new switch?  Sorry for the questions, but we are all a little green when it comes to Cisco.

thank you
Brian GarciaTechnology Support Specialist

No it will not get the config. you must configure it manually.

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