Lexmark Optra T610 Toner strick line/mark

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I have a Lexmark Optra T610 Printer.  It had been sitting without any use and unfortunately it developed a black strick on the roller.  I have cleaned it a couple of times, even cleaned the inner brush on the cartridge, but it is still there.  It might be with continue use that the line will fade away.
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a black line on the roller?   not sure what you mean
you mean on the cartridge drum?  then i suppose the drum is bad
on some models, it can be due to dust on the laser deflecting mirror

best try with another cartridge first
Pull the cartridge out of the printer. At the "far" end of the cartridge you will see a flap, and underneath that a green or blue roller, which is the imaging drum. Is the streak on that roller, or is it on some other roller (like the fuser, for example)?

If the mark is on the drum, then replacing the cartridge should fix it. If not, please let us know where the streak is.


hdhondt and nobus, thank you for your responses.  I have not stated this, but this is a home printer, one that I use on occassions.  I realize that replacing the cartiridge is a solution, yet my hope is to solve the problem by cleaning it.  About two years ago, I had the same problem.  At that time I cleaned the "roller/imaging drum" and the problem got solved.  This time, I have cleaned it several times.  I even cleaned the brush that is making contact with the imaging drum.
If I can't solve it my cleaning it, possibly printing several more papers, I'll probably end up giving the printer to the non-profit organization where my wife works at.
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ok then - go ahead and clean, and print
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I suspect that cleaning the drum is only a temporary solution. It's faulty, and the only way to fix it is a replacement.

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