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I’m trying to use a regular expression in Ant Renamer 2 to increment a number that appears in the filename of a bunch of files by a specified number.

I have:

And I want them named: (add 20)

How can I do that? I'm open to using another program if there is a better one out there. (I prefer free, and portable if available.)

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I have used the FREE Bulk Rename Utility for a while now.  What you want to do in your example shouldn't even require a regular expression to accomplish even though this utility does have that feature available.

Have a look and see what you think.  It can even be available for use in any Windows Explorer folder, including the desktop, from the right click context menu.


I actually tried using that program, but couldn't figure out where to start. The UI is rather confusing.

Can you tell me how to do what I need with it?
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The UI looks daunting at first, but is actually easy to use when you look at it as if all the numbered sections of the program are optional, because they are.  Each section has a number in brackets beside it.  See the Tutorial Page.  There is also a PDF Manual you can download

For the example you posted, use section (3) to Replace the 100 part of the number with 102.  The nice thing about this app is that you get a preview of what your change will result in looking like before you actually apply the rename button.  That way you can experiment and see if you are getting the result you want.

If you know how to use Regular Expressions to actually add the value 20 to all of the numbers in the file name, you could do it that way also, however I am not experienced with Regular Expressions, so I wouldn't be able to give you the appropriate entries to do that.


I actually need more complicated than just replacing 100 with 102. Those numbers were examples - I have many many pictures and videos, and need to add 13 to all the file names.
I think I probably would need a regular expression.


I'm going to repost with a better title.


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