legal scientific doses for students to perform?

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what will it take for usa to think in terms of the below for its students? is this always safe and worth it? what other extreme things are being done for students worldwide to make them succeed like how the Chinese are trying?
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Dave BaldwinFixer of Problems
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Did you read the whole article?  It's an act of desperation for those people.  Other people over there think it's a scam.  That simply isn't going to happen in the US.
Its bad. First thing is it's not researched and proved. Second is you are modifying and playing with the situation fighting capacity of an individual. This will lead to a situation that for every tough and competitive situation, you need to go for such kind of medicines. Again, as the post comments, the negligency can bring several other infection and diseases.
               Competition is for betterment of the people and society as a whole to find out the real gem. It shouldn't be a do or die situation for anyone. It should be a necessity but not a compulsion.
If it takes medical intervention to pass an exam there is something wrong with the exam or the system. They ban drugs from the olympics so that nobody has to take them. If one did they would all have to and it cannot be good.
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The natural follow-on from having assistance to get a good exam result is getting an interview or a job based on the exam grade. Are these people expecting to take the performance enhancer for the rest of their lives so that they can perform well in the job they finally get?
I wouldn't think many employers would want someone who relies on drugs just to keep them able.
I've gotten the best exam results when I actually STUDIED! It's just amazing what results you can get from actually doing some work! For science subjects, do lots and lots of problem solving. For other subjects, lots and lots of reading and writing with the aim of understanding what you are doing. There is an old adage that says:
Practice makes perfect.


makes sense...thanks.

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