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I am new in php/mysql, and get a project to build php website that need to do the following:

1. Allow users to login the website like admin. site.
2. Allow users to view all transactions driven from mysql database.

do we have any tools that I can use to add / view / update / delete the transaction from the database? I just try to min. the coding time.

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So there's an existing database and you just need to create a interface for non-tech users to manage data?  Try

Some unsolicited advice though, if you are planning to build a career on developing apps, not focusing on building a good foundation and wanting to use tools to minimize the coding is not a good way to start in my opinion.
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This article will show you the principles of PHP client authentication:

You might find this to be useful, too:

A good place to start learning about this sort of thing:

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