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Hello Experts,

I have used Cobian, NTBackup and Paragon Software to implement backkups on Microsoft platforms.

Is there a freeware software similar to Paragon Software that can capture the image of the system?

Here are items that would be on my wishlist for the software:
1. Emails notificaton of completion of backup with status
2. WishList - makes a bare metal backup so you can put an HP backup on a Dell or vice versa..
3. Manages jobs easily so you can tell it to retain x copies for per the schedule.  For example, I like to perform daily backups and keep 7 copies, weekly backups and keep 4 copies, monthly backups and keep 3 copies, etc..

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You can try Bacula.

It can send email notification and gives you flexible job control.
It can do bare metal backup, but I'm not sure if this feature supports WinServ2008.

Also I don't know how to handle driver issues when restoring on different hardware.

I know only Acronis Universal Restore that can insert correct drivers into the system image so system boots properly... but it is not free
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tucktech--Except for the copies, does Windows 7 Backup and Restore not do what you want?  It comes with Win 7 and so is free.


I will check these choices and reply back.  Thanks


I think bacula and cobian are probrably the best to freeware solutions I see at this time.  Bacula states they do backup and restore system state for Active Directory.  Something I really would like versus using Cobian and NTBackup to make sure I get system state.

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