Dropdown Crontol in ASP.NET Gridview that acts as Display Textbox and and Dropdown control

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I need a Drop-down control that replace the textbox that is displayed when clicking to Edit row in the Gridview control.
The dropdown needs to display the names from a database and when a user click on a name, it needs to be inserted in the database.
Also, when the page loads, the Drop-down control needs to display the assigned name from the database column.

Any idea how I can do it?

Thank you!
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Put a ddl in an edit template.  Populate the ddl in onedit handler.  Onupdate event of grid check value and write to db.  Start googling slowly to get examples...
Kaushal AroraTechnical Analyst
Have a look at this article also for the full Gridview:


Hope this helps you.

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