How can I update the reference .dll in the Main Project?

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Hello everyone, I have a Solution with 16 projects. The start up project is called Lgv and it has reference to all the other 15 project. I am coping and pasting the .dll from each project to the Main one.  
Do you know a way to update this reference at ones.

Thank you
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Hi dude,

The answer to your problem is easy to explain. Right click the references folder in the main project and choose add reference. This will bring up a window with three tabs. Choose the tab labeled project and click the .dll of the second project. This will add a reference to that .dll to the main project and copy the .dll to the bin folder of that project as well. If you change things in the second project and recompile a fresh .dll is copied the the bin folder of the main project each time. This works in either debug or release mode. To answer your question of are you doing it right. In my application builds multi tier solutions all of the time. We usually separate the data and business tiers into a separate projects from the front end layer. We would not normally put admin forms in a separate project but just in a new folder within the same project. I would not suggest creating a separate project just to add more webforms as this practice could be very confusing for you. If you want to separate classes into separate projects that will be fine.

Also, please find the below links for your reference.

Hope it may helpful to you.



Hello Guvera,
       I have only one solution witch is multi tier. You answer was what I was looking for. this fixed many of the problems that I was having.

Thank you and have a good day.


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