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I simply cannot install Adobe Flash Player 11 on my Windows 7 home premium machine.  I have run the uninstaller, and rebooted and tried again to install but it simply does not.  It says it installed correctly but when I go to a site that normally will play a flash movie, all I get is the icon telling me to install. There is not reference to it in my All Programs section of Windows 7.

This is really irritating.  Is there a solution or another substiute?

I did temporarily turn off my Security Essentials or it would not have allowed me to get as far as I have - which, in the end, is nowhere.

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One additional note.  After re-installing.  In control panel, uninstall, I do see a reference to Adobe Flash Player 11 Active X, but that is all.  No reference to a .exe program.
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First of all, just to clarify, you see Adobe Flash 11 installed in the Control Panel's Programs and Features section, correct?  If so, there won't be a specific reference to an EXE file.  You won't see one for any of the other programs, either.

Next, how are you actually installing Flash Player?  Over the web, or with a stand-along installation file?

Also, is your version of Windows 7 32 or 64-bit?

Finally, what web browser are you using?  If it's IE9, did you ensure that your ActiveX Filtering is unchecked (a.k.a. turned off) for the web pages that host the videos?
For extra info, even though I installed the 64-bit version from Adobe, and in IE 64-bit I can surf to youtube and watch videos, in Control Panel it shows up as Flash Player (32-bit).

Adobe Flash in Control Panel (as menu)

In Programs and Features, it shows up as 64-bit, though...

Adobe Flash in Programs and Features
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Not exactly sure how to answer but I'll do my best. There is no reference to Flash Player when I select the start menu and select all programs (which is what I traditionally do).

However, when I select Control Panel's Programs and Feathers option (had not really been aware of this before), yes, a reference does show up there.  It says "Adobe Flash Player 11 ActiveX" with no reference to 32 or 64 bit.  I am on a 32 bit machine.

I have tried installing Flash Player by selecting "Run", at the time of installation, and also by downloading it to a location on my hard drive and then running it.

>did you ensure that your ActiveX Filtering is unchecked (a.k.a. turned off) for the web >pages that host the videos?

I don't know how to do that.  If it helps, attached is a printout of how my ActiveX section reads in IE9 settings.
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On a Windows 7 machine, you typically won't see a shortcut to Adobe Flash Player by navigating through Start -> All Programs.

If you see Flash Player listed within the Programs and Features applet of the Control Panel, it sounds like it installed correctly.  If that's the case, it's likely that your ActiveX Filtering is on.  Take a minute to read through this very short article that explains the ActiveX Filtering feature in IE9.

Internet Explorer 9 Feature Focus: ActiveX Filtering

In the very first screen shot, you will see how to determine whether it is turned on.  If there is a check mark in front of the ActiveX Filtering entry, it is currently enabled and you would need to uncheck it (or grant that web page an exemption) to play Flash video successfully.


Well I was able to solve my problem, but it gives the word ponderous a whole new meaning.  I had to cross my eyes and hold my nose for about 45 minutes. The solution for me came in Tools, Manage Add-ons.  I had something called "Shockwave flash object" disabled.  When I enabled it, things started working.

Thank you for your input.


Thank you

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