issue with import specifications (limit with amount of fields)

maximyshka used Ask the Experts™
Is there a limit on the amount of field names that I can enter into saved specifications during importing text file into access 2000 database? I am using a current specifications and trying to add to it 3 more fields, but when I go to save it, it does not keep these new fields.  

Did anyone experienced with the similar issue?
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How may fields are you tring to import?

It has been a while, but I have imported text files with 50+ columns with no trouble.

Looking around at other forum posts, however there are plenty of others experiencing the same issue as you.  

I don't think it is specifically a limitation on the number of columns, however as different people have reported that their imports stop saving data with different numbers of columns.  You can test whether it is a column based limitation to some extent.  Try removing one exitsting column from your specification.  Can you then add one of your new columns?  Try the same thing with two columns or three.

From the variety of reported limits I'm seeing (one person says they can import up to 38 columns; another says 25) - I think it may have somthing to do with the amount of data getting imported rather than the columns.


My current specs reflect 28 columns.  I tried to remove several existing column and I was not able to add new columns.  
Also, when I tried to create new specifications I was able to do only half of columns (14).
I aslo was thinking that number of columns in specs is based on imported file.  However, I cannot increase imported file.

Any suggestions how can I increase number of columns in specifications
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS Liason
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Also remember that if you are doing a very basic import...
(Not defining anything special in the import spec) can import a file without an import spec

For example the attached csv file imports fine into an Access 2000 db without any import spec whatsoever, using this code:

DoCmd.TransferText acImportDelim, , "NewTableName", "c:\YourFolder\BasicCSV.csv", True

...Again, I am not sure about any field limits, just something to try.




Jeff, your suggestion is OK only if I import simple excel or csv file

However, I use fixed width import specifications which reflect start point and number of characters.  Therefore it's not working.

For some reasons it started working.  I created new specification and was able to put 32 fields.  Once I  saved specs with 32 field, I changed field name and data type.  Very strange issue.

Although, I fixed this issue on my own, I would like to thank you for participation

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