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I am helping to run a minecraft server. All minecraft ports go to a specific IP address. All others mail, www, etc should go to another IP address that hosts the website. I want to direct all web traffic to the forums site instead of the minecraft server itself.


Minecraft server
Handling ports 25565, 1, and 1337 for servername.com

Web Server
Handling web services for servername.com

Right now, requests going to servername.com go to I would like http traffic bound for servername.com and forums.servername.com to hit

I believe this should be done using CNAME records. What is the best way to handle these pointers to redirect traffic correctly?
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A record is when you want to resolve Name to IP and CNAME are for having multiple names for a single IP:


server.domain.com = = A
server-b.same domain.com =  = CNAME

Also as you mentioned servername.com is not possible it should be servername.domain.com as A and forums.domain.com as CNAME both to
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you need to create a A record which points to and a CName record which is forums.domain.com.

Also, if the traffic is coming to the server which then on your router you need to redirect traffic to server ip with a port specified on it.
DNS records simply resolve to IP's they do not do anything about ports so you can have an A-record for forums.servername.com  pointing to, but servername.com can only point to one address.  So you can't have port 80 traffic going to one ip and port 1337 going to another using servername.com, you need a unique name.  Alternativly if you have them behind a router it can redirect the ports for a single IP.
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You can use the http redirect feture in IIS ( if you use IIS ) to redirect traffic to another server, it will redirect the url ( so ports are included(.


Hmmm...I'd rather not install IIS on that server if not necessary. I have to look into this further. The web site has a lot of functionality, I'm wondering if I need to point everything to the website, and then redirect anything that isn't port 80 or port 8080 to the other server. I have to do some investigation.


I believe this explains the situation clearly. We may need to prefix the domain to run it out to the proper address.

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