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Good morning all,

Can anyone tell me a safe and quick way to add a Windows 2008 R2 DC to a Windows 2003 domain/forest (functional level). Unfortunately my predecessor had already raised the domain/forest level and I've been trying to look up a good way to add my DC. Everywhere I read it says my domain has to be 2000 native functional level in order to add a 2008 DC.
I'm hoping my solution does not require seizing the roles...

Any help is welcome.
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just running ad prep and then promoting the 2008R2 server

you don't need to seize the roles unless one of the 2003 DC's has died

are you planning on upgrading all your DC's to 2008R2 if so then you can just transfer the roles and it will happen smoothly

if you want to do any more then the link abbasiftt has provided looks to be a good guide
You need to run the following commands from your W2K8 media:

D:\sources\adprep\adprep /forestprep
D:\sources\adprep\adprep /domainprep
D:\sources\adprep\adprep /domainprep /gpprep

Perform this commands on the schema master.

You can verify this role holder from any DC with:

netdom query fsmo


Thanks everybody. It was a question of having a good cd for running adprep it seems. I had read somewhere that the domain level needed to be 2000 however I know the domain level just needs to go from oldest to newest so it should have been able to accept it. I was doubting myself because I was putting the 2008 cd in to run adprep and it wasn't working. It turns out the cd I was using was not burned properly. I found another copy and then it ran.


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