Script to locate PDF's files from computer and delete them

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I am looking at a script which can auto locate PDF's files from computer and delete them .
PDF files are located on my documents, desktop and some time on C drive.  

Thank Nammi.
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for mydocs and desktop:

del %USERPROFILE%\"my documents"\*.pdf /s
del %USERPROFILE%\desktop\*.pdf /s

for C drive either delete all pdf's on the c drive with
del c:\*.pdf /s

or speficy the folders

If you can use powershell you may try this inline

get-childitem DRIVE: -r | ? {$_.extension -eq ".pdf"} | foreach {remove-item -force $_.FullName}

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Just change "DRIVE" to you drive letter.
This command will delete ALL pdfs on you drive to wich it will get access.

If you want to use cmd then this could work for you

for /f "tokens=*" %a in ('where /r DIRVE:\ *.pdf') Do del /q /f %a

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You might want to run
C:\>dir *.pdf /s
first and see just what you'll be deleting... I came up with over 4GB of PDFs, with many of them being documentation in C:\Program Files\* and C:\Program Files (x86)\* folders.


Thanks for all, I like all the answers.

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