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Show 20 records from table in a 4 x 5 grid not big column

Hi all,

i wuold like to set a recordset to extract 2 fields from a table and instead of showing in a table with 2 columns and 10 rows, spread this across a 4 columns by 5 rows instead.

I dont know if the table can be created dynamically in this manner or by splitting into 2 tables side by side..

Any assistance greatly appreciated
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Going to take a while to merge that into where I am at the moment but makes sense.

Will let you know how I get on

Another way to get the same thing without tables would be using div's.
<style type="text/css">
#td_container {
      width: 800px;
#td_container .td {
      float: left;
      width: 190px;
      margin-right: 10px;

<div id="td_container">
<%do until rs.eof%>
<div class="td"><%=rs.field1%></div>
Thanks guys, have to give it up for today.  Will give both a good bash tomorrow morning.  

FYI I am writing all my html in Notepad and I am a bit new at the htm coding and havent used divs before or asp yet.  I had created my code from within access previously so it was easy to get the data out.

Check back tomoorow,

Gave me the prompt to use as abasis for my solution