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Hi Experts,

Can someone explain how does Cisco Remote Access VPNs are licensed, and what those prices are on per user basis (concurrent users).

Is there a difference in prices for IPSec and SSL VPN?
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On ASA, the device comes with a licensed number of VPN peers, this number is fixed to the model, this included 2 SSL (AnyConnect premium) licences.

You can get an "upgrade licence called AnyConnect Essentials which removes the tow premium licences and enables AnyConnect as alternative peers for the licensed number. The Anyconnect Essentials is ~£150 for an ASA 5510

You can also get an AnyConnect Mobile licence which enables the Cisco SSL Apple client to connect, this is a similar price to the AnyConnect Essentials Licence.

Alternatively you can purchase blocks of AnyConnect Premium licences, these are significantly more expensive.


I have to design a solution for a web application hosted on a server reachable through VPN for maximum of 30 users, and cisco router as a concentration point.

Could you give me an  suggestion about which is the best (and cheapest of course) way to go to provide remote access to remote users.

The exact model of the router is something that I need to make decision about.
How many concurrent users would you require? The ASA 5505 can support a maximum of 25 concurrent AnyConnect sessions.

Will any of your users need to access the application from an Apple iOS device such as an iPhone or an iPad? If they do, then you would need to use an ASA firewall rather than a router.

For exact pricing I would suggest that you spoke to a Cisco reseller. There is also a second hand market, but you have to know what you're buying...


I need a general idea of which path to choose.

There's no Apple IOS clients, all of them will be Windows XP and Windows 7. and there's going to be 30 concurrent users.

Can you give me a rough idea about the configuration and pricing please.
For more than 25 concurrent users you would need to move to the ASA 5510. You would need to add the AnyConnect Essentials licence.

Any Cisco reseller should be able to provide pricing to you.

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