2 computer office setup with database

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Office has 2 computers - 1 PC with home Vista and the other an iMAC.

I want both to be able to use a shared database cross platform and share files.
Should I upgrade the Vista Home PC to Win7Pro and create a network and share a NAS?  What would you recommend for the database?  Fusion/Parrallel on the MAC and use Access would work BUT seems a bit of a dated solution.  The Database is going to be quite simple.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Kash2nd Line Engineer
upgrading to Professional windows is definitely recommended. so is attaching a NAS as NAS normally comes with a software which helps communication between MAC and PC easy and error free.

Filemaker is a lot better solution to use. I would install filemaker pro server and then access using mac and pc as it is compatible and quite good. depends how much money you want to fork out.

have you thought of using mysql for your database. its free.

are you talking of multi user database
Senior Engineer
Go simple.  Install FM on each machine.  Designate one to be the host of the database.  Turn on file sharing in FM and have the other access it.  If they are on the same network it should be a piece of cake.  No upgrade necessary, no additional hardware or headache.
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Apologies for delay.

At the moment there are only 2 people who would use it and they want to keep it as cheap as possible so not sure if filemaker server would be too expensive.  Would you know how filemaker compare to Access as in ease to build as the person who will build this has only ever used Access!

I take it using filemaker would not require the operating systems to need to be changed.
North2AlaskaSenior Engineer

I think you will find FM to be wonderful to work with.  The will need to be a little shift in thought processes as they approach some tasks differently, but I believe the learning curve to be doable.  

No, FM runs on both Mac and Windiws and is file compatible between the two systems.  Also, file sharing works both ways.


Thanks for the suggestions

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