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I have an excel file, with a simple pivot table. I have a field with the data stored as number of seconds, say 91 second.  How could I change the excel file cell setting so it will be displayed in mm:ss format, like 01:31? Any quick way to do that? Thanks.
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I think you cannot do this directly. You will have to convert the number to a time by dividing by (24*60*60) and then formatting the numbers accordingly.
Hi, heyday2004.

A perfect use for pivot table's Calculated Field?

Edit:... as long as you don't need it as a Row/Column Label.

If it is possible, you can change the stored content as follow :

instead of 91 seconds, you store 91/(24*60*60)
Then you can apply the custom format "mm:ss" on the cell.
 This will display 01:31

sorry, this is the same answer than the first one...


many thanks.

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