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hi i wanted to know what software experts recomend for managing a service desk based around small to medium business or even an individual until their is more staff ?

- receving the 1st phonecall from a user with an it issue
- a process to follow that allows  problem to resolved through to resolution
- knowleadge base - to store answers for other potential calls

ive currently been looking at this site as there maybe concerns i need to look at or ease of use before using a piece of software like the below:

im aware no company i know of uses the above but not even sure why company choose other types of software to manage an it team
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I have been managing service desk via my Lotus Domino databases deployed (this was just extra info) as far as the service desk softwares are concenred, you may look at


hi thanks for that i will look!!

ive just been looking at those sites you have added as extra info but what im trying to find out which do you prefer as im sure there are big differences between software but which would you recommend ?

do you know if the following do the same thing or easy to use:

- solarwinds
- gfi
In case of comparison then i recommend GFI because i am using its tools.
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hi bawer, yes im aware of:

- gfi
- also - solarwinds

im not asking that though!!

im trying to understand if some management software has issues like:

bugs -  does specific management systems have issues with specific instances
hanging system - does a management system have these issues due to some reason

note:  im not sure just putting it out their!!!!!!!!!

question.  or are you saying whatever management software i get, it is what you read is what you get and for the purposes of 'user real management system use', then 'gfi' is recommended as you suggest, but can you give me some example of why it is useful in comparison to other, (just so i know what to look at when im deciding/comparing), then i am then good to go ?
My comparison was certainly not based on the color scheme or the graphics but the recommendation was only based on the experience as i did evaluate the Solarwinds and the GFI.  GFI is pretty easy to be used, less memory consumption, generate lesser traffic. Yes i am not limited to GFI, that is what companies always say "Evaluate the Product". There can be difference in experiences too between mine and yours, so better you go for trials and see.


ok good enough for me!!  appreciated!!

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