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in ws_ftp I sometimes notice that when I change a file on my local machine and then upload this I do not always get the choice of skipping that file.
Not so important on one file but when there are many files of course it makes a big difference.

I notice small (but important) changes do not prompt for overwrite. In that case I feel obliged to overwrite all files when uploading a number of files

On the options page Transfers I selected the tick box"Prompt for overwrite for same or newer files"

I wonder if I am doing something incorrectly.

Thanks for any advice.

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I have seen it constantly with ftp using filezilla to web servers updating web pages and I have to constantly do individual put (dreamweaver ftp) to get all the updates done I have never found a solution
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I use CoreFTP and I never have that happen.  You have to select overwrite without further prompt every time if you are doing a batch.  CoreFTP won't automatically skip OR overwrite.


Thanks so much for the very useful information



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