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Deepak Lakkad
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Hi, Experts,

We are working in a small team. Our team members are located on diffrent locations. We want to work on same project. How can I do source controlling? Is there any free service for that?
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You can use any source control solution that you want with it. Any open source source control solution in particular, like git, mercurial (hg) or subversion (svn). And there are commercial products like Perforce or SourceGear Vault. See here for a pretty exhaustive list and google for more information.
You can find Visual Studio plugins that integrate it with any source control. Of open source ones subversion is especially rich in this regard. Commercial ones usually come with this integration.

And if you are not using source control that requires you to explicitly check-out files to edit them (like VSS or TFS do), the IDE integration is not even essential. I personally prefer to use git or subversion from outside the IDE.
Thanks for your help

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