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Migrating large number of DTS packages


Due to a SQL server migration project (2005 => 2005), we will have to adapt more then 400 DTS packages, since we will have to use different paths for source and destination in the new environment.
I have opened some DTSX files in notepad, and it seems to be clear text in XML format...
I'm not a SQL server specialist, but i have a lot of scripting experience.

So my question is:
Could I use a vbscript to :
1. open all DTSX file (one by one),
2. replace old source and destination paths by the new source & dest paths
3. write to new DTSX files
4. import the new (altered) DTSX files in the new SQL server

Does somebody has experience with this? Which strings/tags will I have to replace?
I searched for half an hour in Google and could not find someone who already did this.


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Yes, you should be able to do exactly what you're proposing, as this is one way people handle deployments. However:

1. I assume you really mean SSIS, not DTS!
2. SSIS packages also have inconvenient things like connections: these may well also have environment-specific attributes like paths. If you've religiously used Package Configurations in all your packages then you'll have these pieces of information in the XML and yes, you should be able to edit the strings.
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No I realy mean DTS, not SSIS.
We have planned to change from DTS to SSIS at a later time in the migration.
At this moment, we just would like to have the old DTS packages working in the new environment.
If replacing the connection strings with a script will work, it will save us from many weeks of stupid work.

Thx for your help!

So far as I know, DTSX files are SSIS files!  You're running your DTS within SSIS, so try it out! Do one or two manually to see exactly what's needed - I don't think there's any MS documentation on the subject ! You might get away with a simple search-and-replace in a text editor like UltraEdit.
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