Pairing SSH from Cpanel 11 to CuteFTP 8

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We are setting up our CuteFTP to work with SSH keys in our hosting site.

Here is the details on our host and CuteFPT software.

Hosting Site:
Cpanel 11

CuteFTP Professional
8.0.5 Build 02.06.2007.1

Here are the actions that we did.

In our hosting server.
1. Login to Cpanel Admin
2. Click the "SSH/Shell Access" link
3. in the SSH window, click the "Manage SSH Keys" button.
4. In the "Manage SSH Keys" click the "Generate a new Key" link.
5. In the "SSH Key Generator" we provided all information required which are:
a. Key Name = id_dsa
b. Key Password = *********
c. Password (Again) = *********
d. Key Type = DSA
e. Key Size = 2040
6. Then generated the key.
7. Going back to the "Manage SSH Keys" window, we clicked the "Manage Authorization" button and clicked "authorized".
8. Going back to the "Manage SSH Keys" window, we click the "View/Download" link in the Public keys section and downloaded the public key e.g. ""
9. Going back to the "Manage SSH Keys" window, we click the "View/Download" link in the Private keys section, provided the passphrase to unlock id_dsa for conversion and downloaded the private key e.g. "id_dsa.ppk"

In CuteFTP
1. Create a new site and entered the necessary information in the "General" tab.
2. In the type section, we chose "SFTP using SSH2 (Secure Shell)" as the protocol type and leave all the other settings by default then save the new site.
3. in CuteFTP Menu, we went to "Tools" > "Global Options" then click "Security" > "SSH2 Security"
4. In the "Public key Path" we entered the path to the "" file that was downloaded from Cpanel.
5. In the "Provate key Path" we entered the path to the "id_dsa.ppk" file that was downloaded from Cpanel.
6. Added the passphrase/password that was created in step 5 above when setting up the hosting server but when we press "Apply" it is saying that the passphase is incorrect so we left the passphase blank instead.
7. Clicked the new site that was created and asked for the passphrase so I entered again the passphrase however it is saying that it is not correct.

Is the above steps correct? If not, can you send us the correct way of pairing our CPanel hosted site with CuteFTP. I am not much familiar with SSH but we need to have a secure way of uploading our site so we need to use SSH.

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LinuxGuruLinux Server Administrator

Are you sure ssh is enabled for your account from WHM?

Make sure shell is enabled for your account. Also try to login directly without using key based authentication and see if its working.

ssh username@servername -p portnumber

Open in new window

If ssh is using default port number 22 then no need to mention in command line.



I am new to this SSH so I do not know how and where to enable SSH via CPanel. It will be helpful if you can send me a step by step procedure on how to do this.

LinuxGuruLinux Server Administrator

Its not possible to enable ssh via cPanel. Are you on a shared hosting? If yes, contact your hosting support and they will enable ssh for you. If you have full access to server (root access), login to the WebHostManager >> Click Manage Shell Access >> Select the Account Name >> Select Normal/Jailed Shell.

If you have any doubts let us know.

Cheers !!!
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According to our administrator, the shell access is already enabled. Jailed Shell access set.

Any other issue that we are not aware that can make the SSH not working correctly?
Linux Server Administrator
Ok. Have you tried to access the account without keybased authentication? Is it working?

You can use a ssh client like Putty to use ssh from a windows based computer.

Download Putty:

How to use Putty:

Try if you are able to access without generating key. Just use your account username, serverhostname and password in putty.

Let me know the results.


OK, I will try the above tomorrow and will inform you of the progress. Thanks
LinuxGuruLinux Server Administrator

Sure. No problem.


Was not able to make it work as I did not have the technical knowledge on the matter but thanks for the prompt response.

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