Error: 'No free/busy information could be retrieved' when trying to open calendar in Outlook Scheduling Assistant (applies to only one user)

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I get: 'No free/busy information could be retrieved' when trying to resolve a certain user's name to open his calendar in Outlook Scheduling Assistant.
The username gets only resolved when I type in the entire E-MAIL ADDRESS OR the SURNAME of the user but NOT the first name!
All other user user calendars resolve fine by typing in any part of their usernames (from their first or the last names).

I have checked the AD and mailbox properties of that account and it seems to be identical to all other accounts.

Any suggestions
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Check whether user has  Display Name section data under the Items tab.
check the value of the legacyExchangeDN

Check those discussions once.
Thanks, I will be reading through those links shortly.

One crucial thing I want to add: we have two contact lists, the GAL and another distribution list in Public Folders. When that particular user is selected from the GAL, everything is fine but when it is selected from the Public Folders distribution list, we get the error above.

I recreatied that user contact in the Public Folder distribution list to no avail and there seems to be no difference between that user contact and all the other user contacts.

ALSO, the surname/e-mail address resolution for the problematic user account only works for some people.


We found a workaround to this issue and are planning to redesign our address lists.

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