multisite p2p with Untangle

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have untangle running in router mode, have 5 sites, 1 connected with another untangle box and ipsec that works great the other 4 are p2p fiber connections to other facilities. They can access everything on the main site but can't get out to the internet.  Is there a special nat setting on untangle to allow the untangle box to pass traffic for the internet for the remote sites?  Oh the remote sites all are using a cisco 877

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a picture paints a thousand words, even a hand drawn pencil diagram would be useful

You might have to allow outbound traffic from the remote subnets to pass through and you will also probably have to add static routes to the remote subnets

if you want to have their traffic go over the VPN, you will need to add the remote subnets to the VPN config so that it knows to protect the traffic


ok, there is routes back to the remote subnets from the untangle box, they aren't configured as VPN, they are simply connected interfaces on the untangle box. How would you allow outbound traffic to remote subnets?  I figured being connected interfaces it would already?
If they are connected networks, what are the Cisco 877 routers for ?

A network diagram really would be useful.
I figured it out, it was NAT on the external untangle interface, it don't like summarization routes for NAT.  the routers are to break up the subnets locally  its an ISP switched p2p


Fixed on own

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