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asked on generates Oracle

User generated imageI like to run this website -
First I downloaded newest java from
Now when I access the website, it result in the following error.
I have to get passed this stage so that I can see logon screen.
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works fine for me on Firefox. see screenshot attached.

use Firefox or chrome to see if it resolves the issue
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Actually I am getting the same error on my firefox running on Win7Pro.
However eventually I need to be able to run it using IE8 on XPP.
Is this your site or owned by someone else?
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it is, i think, some kind of state agency related to transportation.
I tried it on several browsers and could not get it to load. All of the references that I could find to this error mean changing configuration settings on the machine that is hosting the site.

The root cause of the failure is you have a newer version of Java that instead of Sun Microsystems it is by Oracle and without hacking java with a hex editor to replace Oracle with Sun MicroSystems, you have to load an earlier version of java.

this was a suggested work-around

add a java runtime parameter for overriding the system java.version parameter like this:
- open java control panel
- go to on tab 'java', click 'view'
- add -Djava.vendor="Sun Microsystems Inc."
or something else but not 'Oracle Corporation' or 'MICROSOFT'

I could not get it to work. This is a known bug in Oracle Forms 10g and since support for this product ended Dec 2011 I highly doubt that a fix will be forthcoming.  The site owner must update to forms 11g or the users must use an outdated version of java which for security concerns is not an option.

edit == I rolled back to 6u31 and the site works.
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"The root cause of the failure is you have a newer version of Java that instead of Sun Microsystems it is by Oracle" --->
I went to and downloaded it there.
If there is another website that I should go for download, where would that be?
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