Creating secondary DHCp server on PDC?

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hi guys

We have a DHCP server sitting on a server. However, we are about to switch it off for a few hours whilst we do some work.

I'd like to either transfer that role or make a secondary DHCP server. The server I'd like to put that role on is our primary DC  and DNS server (it's the only one I can put it on)

How can I do that? Use server manager and as simple as that?

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Here's some Microsoft document regarding DHCP server role migration:


that's great. Also, if I wanted to make a duplicate DHCP server? That possible?
Krzysztof PytkoSenior Active Directory Engineer
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Do you have Windows Server 2008R2? If so, you can use Split scope wizard as it is written in my article at

in other case, you need to split scope(s) manually. Unfortunately there is not good to have 2 DHCP servers running in the environment (for troubleshooting process). However, you can create 2 DHCP servers and on each create scopes which will cover all clients (if IP addresses are available)

or, consider DHCP on cluster (but this is money waste ;) )

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thanks dude. I can't create a scope though. As i will be switching off the current DHCP server.

Can I not make our PDC a DHCp server also? and then switch off the current DHCp server off?


can I not install DHCP on the PDC. But then just before confirming the DHCP server, to uncheck the box where it says 'Activate This Scope'? That way, it won't allow that server's scope to be active. Then I switch off the current DHCP server. And then I activate the scope on the PDC?
Senior Active Directory Engineer
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Yes you can but you need to take care about DHCP Relay Agent(s)/IP Helper on switches if you have VLAN environment to tell clients where DHCP server is located.

If you have no VLANs then don't worry, PCs/Servers will discover new DHCP server.


in this scenario on both DHCP servers you MUST enable conflict detection attempt to 2-3
This option will take care about not issuing used IP addresses twice :)

This can be found on DHCP server properties on "General" tab

For redundant DHCP servers, here is an example setup, substitute your own IPs.

Using network, you can assign:

DHCP Scope (both servers): ->
Excluded Addresses on DHCP Server 1 ->
Excluded Addresses on DHCP Server 2 ->

This allows you to set reservations on both DHCP servers for the entire scope, but still not hand out duplicate addresses.

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