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I have done some 2D games with Mobiles and want to do some 3D.

I have used away3D before and I prefer to stick with this and AS3 but there is uniy3D  and others . Javascript feels like a step back and C# isnt any better than AS3 I have found.

I am most concerned about performance so does anyone have exeprince with these engines and mobiles?
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I have used Unity3D and found it a good balance between C#-based engines and simpler, less robust engines.

However, it really is a personal preference. Whatever you feel most comfortable in is what you should code in. I've coded in UnrealEd, Aurora, Unity3D, and several other, smaller engines; I don't have a personal preference per se, but I'd probably say I'm most comfortable in UnrealEd, simply because it was the first engine I learned.

Beyond that, I haven't done any work with mobile-based 3D, but the advice remains the same. Use what you feel comfortable with! :)

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